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Photographer uses Starlink to host world’s first live webinar from edge of Grand Canyon

 A photographer made history by hosting the world’s first live webinar from the edge of the Grand Canyon using a Starlink satellite dish, solar…

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Tim Shields Hosting World’s First Live Photography Event in the Rockies

For the first time ever, an award-winning Vancouver photographer will be hosting a live online photography training event in the remote wilderness of the Rocky…

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Camera Settings for Landscape Photography

Many new photographers stress over using the right camera settings for landscape photography. While I can't tell you the exact settings, there are some simple…

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Camera Accessories for Landscape Photography

Photography accessories Sometimes the devices that help the most with your photography come in small packages. After you've bought your camera and lens, there are…

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Golden Hour Photography — 7 Ways To Create Photos Worth Their Weight In Gold

You don’t need lighting equipment that costs thousands of dollars for the perfect shot when nature provides the best lighting. Some people are convinced that…

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How to clean polarizing and neutral density filters

The first question I asked when I took my neutral density filters out into the field was 'how do I clean these things?' Keeping these…

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5 Landscape Photography Tips That Dramatically Improved my Photos

I took almost 30 years to go from someone who ‘was good at taking photos’ to becoming a professional landscape photographer. For most of that…

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How to Choose the Best Tripod for Landscape Photography

Tripods are not as simple as they seem. There are a surprising number of versions, materials, and functions that they serve, at all price points.…

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You don’t need to calibrate your monitor — advice from an expert editor

The topic of monitor calibration gets brought up constantly on…

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Taking a candid photograph of family members

Winter Photography: 7 Indoor photography projects

Yeah, outside is beautiful right now, but doing some indoor…

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Why your iPhone or Android phone takes better images than a DSLR

The reason many new photographers end up going back to…

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Why a van is perfect for photo adventures

Summer is here and you might be thinking of getting…

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When to use a wide angle lens

Wide-angle lenses are surprisingly difficult to use. I’ve seen people…

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Watermarks don’t stop photo theft — here’s why I use them anyway

Image theft is a big issue online. Sites like Instagram,…

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