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Photography Academy is an online training academy that helps people take amazing photos and improve their photography.

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We teach people how to become award-winning photographers. But even if winning awards is not your goal, we will show you how to create photos that are awesome!

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Our Story

Our Story

Humble Beginnings

Photography Academy was launched by photographer Tim Shields to be a place where students could learn to take incredible photos with the camera they already own. This applies to people who want to sell their photos, or want to win awards, or who just want to take better pictures. All are good!

Tim began his photography journey as a kid and it continued as a hobby through adulthood. He started to get serious about photography a decade ago after seeing the work of Peter Lik at his gallery in Las Vegas. When Tim saw the amazing landscape photos in Lik’s gallery it was a life changing moment because he saw what was possible.

For the next ten years Tim studied, learned, tested, failed and experimented with photography. This process of “wandering in the desert” led him to develop his four step photography transformation system that he could use for any photography scenario. He packaged this system into an easily understandable masterclass and his students have used the training to win photography awards, sell their work and to create photos they are proud of.

The Photography Academy community has grown to over 426,492 photographers in 146 countries who have downloaded our courses and tools to improve their photography.

If you would like to participate more you can:

1. Take the free online webclass to learn more about Tim’s four-step Photography Transformation system.

2. Join our Facebook group and be a part of our community.

3. Watch the free content on our Youtube channel.

4. Download our free presets for Lightroom.

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Why Photography is Important

This is what photography means to Tim, and how it applies to your life.