How to Install Presets in Older Versions of Lightroom

How to Install Presets in Older Versions of Lightroom

Use these instructions to install LRtemplate format Lightroom presets. These presets are used in older versions of Lightroom.

Compatible with: Lightroom 6, Lightroom 5, and Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC that have not been updated with the Adobe Creative Cloud in 2019.

Why are there different types of presets for Lightroom?

Here is why there are three preset file types for Lightroom… over the years, preset file types have been changed by Adobe depending on the Lightroom version being used. The three preset file types are:

DNG presets – Used with the free version of the Lightroom Mobile app that is not connected to a paid subscription with the Adobe Creative Cloud. DNG presets are not normally used on desktop versions of Lightroom. DNG presets take more time to install because each preset is saved inside a DNG photo file and must be saved, one at a time, on a mobile device.

XMP presets – These are the newest preset file format and they are the easiest and fastest to install. They are used with paid subscriptions to the Adobe Creative Cloud and are compatible with desktop versions of Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC, and Photoshop CC. They are also compatible with the Lightroom mobile app. XMP presets cannot be installed directly into a mobile device, but first must be installed into the desktop version of Lightroom CC. Once they are installed there, they will automatically sync with Lightroom CC on mobile devices connected to the same Adobe Creative Cloud account.

LRtemplate presets – Used for older desktop versions of Lightroom including Lightroom 5 & 6, and Lightroom CC versions that have not been updated with the Adobe Creative Cloud (versions prior to 1.4) If LRtemplate presets are installed into a new version of Lightroom CC, they will be automatically converted to XMP preset files.

LRtemplate Lightroom Preset Installation Instructions

An instruction video is below.

Start by downloading the zipped presets file in LRtemplate format on the download page that was emailed to you. Save the downloaded file in a location where you can find it again. This will typically be your downloads folder. This downloaded file is zipped (compressed).

  • 1. Unzip the contents of the LRtemplate format download file. Save the folders inside in a location where you can find them again. Your downloads folder is a good place for this.
  • 2. Select and Copy the folders you just unzipped. The folders have names that all begin with TimsPhotos.
  • 3. Paste the folders into this location on your computer:Windows: [C:]\Users\\AppData\ Roaming\Adobe\ Lightroom\Develop Presets.
    Macintosh:HD\Users\ \Library\Application Support\Adobe\ Lightroom\Develop Presets

    To navigate to the correct folder quickly, open Lightroom and select Edit and Preferences in a Windows computer, or Lightroom and Preferences on a Mac. Select the presets tab and click the button “Show Lightroom Presets Folder”. Then double click on the Lightroom folder to open it. Then double click on the Develop Presets folder to open it. Paste your preset folders there.

  • 4. Restart Lightroom. Your presets should appear inside Lightroom.When you are done, watch this video to see how to use your presets.

How to Install LRtemplate Presets into Older Versions of LR

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