Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I am using Lightroom or Lightroom Classic and this just isn’t working

1. Is your Lightroom truly up to date? Verify this. Open LR Classic. Click help, and about. Your version number should start with a minimum of an 8. You need to be absolutely sure you have opened the Adobe Creative Cloud app and updated your LR or LR Classic within the last few months. Many photographers are absolutely sure they have done this, but after investigating we discover their LR was not updated which will prevent you from being able to use XMP presets which are the type you are probably trying to install. Verify your LR is updated so you are 110% sure it is.

2. If you are up to date, then verify the download file has XMP included in the filename. You don’t want to be using the LRtemplate file type which is for older versions of Lightroom.

3. Are you using a Mac? If yes, then Mac users often get hung up when they see the import presets button grayed out or generally not working. This is because Macs often unzip the compressed download file automatically. Lightroom will only import a zipped file type. The workaround is to copy the preset file folders you downloaded and paste them into this folder:

Macintosh: HD\Users\\ Library\Application Support\Adobe\CameraRaw\Settings

4. Are you using a Windows computer? The net result for an import of presets into LR is that you need to copy the 16 file folders you downloaded and paste them into this folder:

Windows: [C:]\Users\\AppData\Roaming\ Adobe\CameraRaw\Settings

5. Have you restarted Lightroom? You must restart it before you will be able to see your presets.

6. You restarted but there are no presets to be seen. Are you in the develop module? You must be in the develop module to see your presets.

7. You are in the develop module but you still don’t see your presets. Do you have a photo on your screen? You must have a photo on your screen without an error message such as, “Cannot find selected photo”.

These presets don’t work so well on my photos. I have found that many photographers don’t know exactly how to use presets in the best way. Can you please watch this four minute video to ensure you are using presets the right way? I have had many photographers watch the video and say “Aha, now I get it!” I created the presets you bought after months of work using the settings of my top 200 best photos of all time. I used them to win the title of nature photographer of the year from Master Photographers International. Here is the video:

How to use your presets in Lightroom

I don’t know what to do. The most important thing to know is what version of Lightroom you are using. If you are using a new version of Lightroom or Lightroom Classic, and you are a member of Adobe Creative Cloud which gives you updates for your Lightroom, then you are going to use the XMP presets installation instructions. If you have an older version of Lightroom such as Lightroom 6, Lightroom 5 or Lightroom 4, then you are going to need to follow the instructions for LRtemplate preset instructions.

Can I use these presets on my phone? Yes, you can use XMP presets with the Lightroom mobile app on your mobile device. Here is how to do it.

  • 1. You need Lightroom installed on your computer. You can get the Adobe Photography Plan for just $9.99 per month. This excellent program gives you the newest versions of both Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC. This is what I use. Here is a link to the program. If the link doesn’t work, then Google “Lightroom Photography Plan” and look for the 16GB option. This is the one you want.
  • 2. Once you have Lightroom on your computer, you can install my presets collection. Here is a link to my presets: https://www.timsphotos.com/presets-2
  • 3. Next, install the Lightroom Mobile app for free on your phone. After you sign in with your Adobe login info, your presets will automatically sync from Lightroom on your computer to Lightroom on your phone.
  • Take any photo on your phone and use my presets inside Lightroom Mobile to retouch your photos and make them look beautiful. Upload your new photos from your phone to Instagram.